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Comprehensive Hazardous Goods Training

If you’re involved in the transportation of dangerous goods (Hazardous Goods) falling under the purview of the UK CDG (Carriage of Dangerous Goods) Regulations, you must possess an ADR Driver Training Certificate.

Action Training is a leading provider of ADR training, adhering to the ADR regulations, which mandate classroom training and ADR exams set by the prestigious Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Classroom-Based Training and ADR Exams

Please note that ADR training must be conducted in a classroom setting, and successful completion requires passing a series of written multiple-choice examinations. It is crucial to emphasise that the Department of Transport strictly prohibits any form of assistance during these exams.

Accessibility for Learners with Special Needs

If you have any learning difficulties, it is crucial to notify us at least 4 weeks before the course commencement. We can assist you in coordinating with the SQA by providing the necessary documentation, such as medical reports from doctors, for their consideration and decision.

ADR Dangerous Goods Training & Working Time Directive (WTD)

Under the Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations 2005, which fall under the EU 561/2006 regulations, working time for drivers includes job-related training, including ADR training. At Action Training, our basic Package Goods Course runs from Monday to Thursday morning of the training week. The afternoon of Thursday and Friday is exclusively dedicated to Tanker training candidates.

As an approved training centre by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT), we also offer Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) for drivers attending our initial courses. This means that ADR candidates can claim 28 hours (4 modules) of CPC without any additional effort.
Contact us at 0121 783 4447 or 07854 923767 to obtain further details.

ADR Training Courses by Action Training

Packaged Goods Courses:

Our fully approved Package Goods Course are suitable for both initial and refresher candidate (those with 6 or more weeks left on their licence) and covers the following modules:

  • Core (Required by all drivers)
  • Packaged Goods (Required by all drivers carrying packaged goods)
ClassSubstance Type
Class 2Gases
Class 3Flammable Liquids
Class 4Flammable Substances
Class 5Oxidising Agents & Organic Peroxides
Class 6Toxic and Infectious Substances
Class 8Corrosives
Class 9Miscellaneous Substances


Tanker drivers will additionally require The Tanks Module. Our ADR courses at Action Training contribute towards Drivers’ CPC hours.

If you have already obtained the ADR core and packaged goods qualification, you have the option to enhance your qualifications by successfully passing the ADR tanks examination. To cater to this, we offer a convenient 1.5-day tanks add-on course, allowing you to focus specifically on the tanks qualification without having to undergo the full 5-day core, packages, and tanks ADR training course.

ADR Awareness: 1-Day Course

The ADR Awareness course is designed for drivers whose job involves transporting goods that are subject to the carriage of dangerous goods by road legislation, but who do not fall under the scope of ADR (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route). This course is particularly relevant for drivers who handle limited quantities of potentially dangerous goods.

Pricing Options:

Course OptionsDurationPrice
Full course without tanks3½ days£420.00
Full course without tanks + 3 CPC3½ days£486.75
Full course + Tanks5 days£490.00
Full Course + Tanks + 4 CPC5 days£580.75
Tanks2 days£100.00

Training dates for 2024:

September/October30TH -4TH

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