Driver CPC Training Courses in Birmingham, West Midlands


Keep your driver CPC licence up to date with periodic training from Action LGV PCV Training. With a variety of driver CPC training courses available, we’re on hand to help make sure that you’re able to keep your licence. Based in Birmingham, West Midlands, our instructors are highly skilled in the trade.

A Range of Courses

Have you completed your 35 hours of periodic training required by law? If you haven’t, then look to us for assistance. Our experts are more than happy to help with your training. Here at Action LGV PCV Training, we have an assortment of driver CPC training courses on offer. Each course is 7 hours long and costs £45

  • Vulnerable Road Users (CRS 12081/999) - 1 day course, 7 hours training, £45

  • Transport and Infrastructure ( CRS13476/999 ) -1 day course, 7 hours training, £45

  • Driver Daily Vehicle Checks - Safe and Secure Vehicle Loads - (CRS12079/999) - 1 day course, 7 hours training, £45

  • Drivers Hours and Digital Analogue Tachographs - (CRS7060/999) - 1 day course, 7 hours training, £45

  • Driver First On Scene Heart Start - (CRS9884/999) - 1 day course, 7 hours training, £45

  • Road Side Checks, Daily Checks, Traffic, Maintenance, O'Licence - (CRS7063/999) - 1 day course, 7 hours training, £45

The Driver CPC for Professional Drivers

The driver CPC was created to continually improve the knowledge and skills of professional drivers so that they could keep up to date with new technology and techniques. As they’re introduced, you’re more likely going to be able to utilise them if you’re undergoing regular training. If you are a qualified lorry, bus, or coach driver, you are required to possess a driver CPC.


The Driver CPC has two parts to its legislation:

Initial Qualification: This must be achieved by new LGV and PCV drivers alongside the vocational licence, improving your knowledge and skills before you begin driving professionally. It consists of two parts:

- Part One - Case Studies
- Part Two - Vehicle Safety Demonstration

Periodic Training: This requires drivers to undertake 35 hours of training within every five-year period, developing and building on existing skills and knowledge and improving safety for both yourself and other road users.

Drivers with ‘acquired rights’

Having ‘acquired rights’ means that you don’t have to take the Driver CPC initial qualification because of your existing driving experience.

You have acquired rights if you got your vocational licence before the dates shown in the table.

Type of vehicleVehicle categories includedWhen you got your vocational licence
LorryC, C1, C+E and C1+EBefore 10 September 2009
Bus or coachD, D1, D+E, D1+EBefore 10 September 2008
Bus or coach (not for hire or reward)D(101)After 1991
Minibus (not for hire or reward)D1(101)Before 1997

Training deadlines for drivers with acquired rights

You still need to take periodic training, but there are set deadlines.

Training blockLorry driverBus or coachDual-category driver (lorry, bus or coach)
First block training09-Sep-1409-Sep-1309-Sep-13
Second block training09-Sep-1909-Sep-189 September 2019*
Third block training09-Sep-2409-Sep-2309-Sep-24

Approved Training Centre

If you wish to continue using your driving licence professionally, you must complete the driver CPC. Courses are £45 per module including DSA uploading fee. As courses run every day, all you need to do is get in touch to book your place.