Can’t Recommend These People Enough

I’m writing this review to share with you my thoughts and recommendations. I didn’t do my initial driver training with Action, but I did spend half a day with their instructor, Paul, and took my test. From the outset and dealing with Laura, Karen, and Paul, I can honestly say I wish I had taken my initial business here from the start to complete my training. The truck is just a dream to drive, especially the Volvo™ – nicer than a car. The trailer is really easy to use and I had a great time getting to know it and Paul. Can’t recommend these people enough.

Although I only spent four hours with Paul, the instructor, polishing a few tips and tricks, I was really impressed at what a good trainer this man is. And I am pretty sure if it wasn’t for his four hours coaching, I may not have passed my test 1st time. I really regret not knowing they did LGV training, but if you are reading this don’t bother reading anymore, click on the contact page and get booked!! You’ll thank me for it later. Thanks guys n gals at Action!!