It was a joy to have him as my trainer

As of today I have passed my C+E and would like to say a big thanks Paul for his professional training. I’ll start by pointing out a review posted by Black1ce that I’ve just read today before posting this review. In no way is this the review given by this person black1ce accurate on the training given at Action Training. I feel this is a very unfair review on this great training provider I’d also like to point out this review is very misleading. At no point in my training was the trainer Paul or anybody else playing music on the phone at any time. I was never asked to start later than any time given me the day before and in fact I was probably given more time than what I actually paid for. I found Paul’s instructions clear and precise in fact very professional. He made the reversing manoeuvre in three easy stages and made the coupling and uncoupling really easy with a simple word (BLACK) it was a joy to have him as my trainer. I am more than pleased with Action Training and in fact I highly recommend them I will definitely be coming back to do my CPC and maybe other courses in due time.